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Pinchollo - Colca Canyon

Tucked away in one of the walls of Colca Canyon, just 15 minutes from the “Cruz del Cóndor” (Condor Cross viewing point) COLCA TREK LODGE has, without a doubt, the best location of any hotel in Colca.

The hotel’s unusual name is attributed to its unbeatable location, as all of the important treks in the area start at Pinchollo, in the Cabanaconde district.

Our Lodge offers you a peaceful stay far from the hustle and bustle of Chivay and surrounding areas, which house up to 1500 tourists per night in high season. In contrast, the little town of Pinchollo, where our hotel is located, has a maximum of 50 beds available for tourists.

Apart from being a stone’s throw from the real Colca Canyon, our location means that each one of our comfortable bedrooms has a stunning landscape view. Nestled in the base of the Colca Canyon, our Lodge is the starting point of various incredible walks: you can walk or take our bikes to the famous Pinchollo Geyser or the Cruz del Cóndor viewing point. If you’re thinking of doing something more adventurous, our hotel is the perfect place to start your mountain hike. We are a base camp for several famous climbs such as Ampato mountain, where the mommy Juanita was found and the eerie Walka Walka, which is just on our doorstep.

Forget wasting your time on a 4 hour round trip from Chivay or Yanque, which are on the outskirts of the Colca valley, for a photograph of a condor – We are not in the Colca Valley we are IN THE COLCA CANYON and the condors fly right over our hotel!

Access: It’s easy to reach our hotel in the heart of Colca! All public buses from Chivay, Cabanaconde or Arequipa to La Cruz del Cóndor stop just outside our door.